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6 Week Personalized Nutrition Plan To Better Help Manage Your Anxiety

I'm so excited for you to start the next phase in your anxiety healing journey! This plan is completely tailored to you, and your personal nutritional needs. This is not a diet plan, but rather a lifestyle change that will help you to restore your body’s natural ability to better manage stress and anxiety.

When I was in the midst of daily panic and anxiety, the absolute last thing I was thinking about were the foods I was eating...

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I was so focused on every sensation and every symptom, it was my entire world.

When I decided to take my healing into my own hands and started delving deep into the world of nutrition, I learned about the very important link between the gut and the brain.

Every single thing you put into your body has an impact on your mental health.

Of course, whether this is good or bad all comes down to the types of foods you are eating.

Trust me when I say I was highly skeptical, and an eye roll or two may have ensued before I decided to put this into practice.

But I was desperate.

And if you’re reading this then you may be desperate too.

It’s okay, I was you.

But now I want to take your hand and show you that a whole new world, one where anxiety doesn’t dictate your life, is possible.

Changing the foods you are eating may not solve all the problems in your life, but it will certainly help to support your nervous system so you are better equipped to deal with stress.

I was truly blown away by the effects.

Within a week of cutting back on trigger foods, and introducing more nutrient-dense foods into my body, my anxiety symptoms became less intense!

This was something I NEVER believed was possible but here I was feeling better than I had IN YEARS.

I know taking that first step can be hard, and confusing, you may have no idea where to even begin.

But this is where I come in ?

This Plan Is Right For You If:

Anxiety is affecting all parts of your life including suppressing your ability to thrive in your life

You have turned to food for comfort at points in your life and now believe that having a healthier relationship with your food will help you

You're fed up, overwhelmed, and struggling daily, and feel like you've tried everything... but you're still hopeful, inspired, and know with just some guidance you can start to see positive changes in your journey!

You know that changing your foods may not solve all the problems in your life, but believe that it will support your body and mind so that you are better able to deal with stress/anxiety

You want to live your life confidently and able to function and think clearly, feel more level-headed and more like yourself throughout your day

You have already made some changes to your lifestyle but aren't sure what to do next or aren't seeing any changes to your mental health

What You Will Get:

One-On-One Video or Phone Chat with Me to learn more about your current lifestyle and get you excited about what's to come, after you have filled out the required case study

Detailed Dietary & Supplement Recommendations - Based on foods that will be best for balancing your body systems. Including a 30 day meal plan customized to your ingredient/dietary preferences to help get you started with your new lifestyle along with a grocery list, and BONUS recipe book!

One-On-One Video or Phone Chat with Me at the 4 week mark to go over your progress, how you're feeling, and any questions that have come up for you while on the plan. You may also receive any alterations to your plan we both feel need to be done (30 minutes)

A detailed overview of the imbalances in your body that may be making your anxiety symptoms worse, and how the foods suggested will help you restore balance

Lifestyle Recommendations and the Psycho-Spiritual Connection - This will show how certain imbalances in your body may be relating to your emotions and mood imbalances with tips on how to bring your body back into alignment through daily self-care practices

Text or email support from Tamryn during your 6 week period where you can ask any questions relating to your journey on the plan and how it's affecting you

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