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Does Google freak you out everytime you look up your symptoms? "Anxiety A to Z" is your new go-to book that will help stop your worrying.

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Does this sound like you?

You have reached a point where you are absolutely fed up of dealing with your daily anxiety symptoms

You feel like you can never just relax, and it's taking a huge toll...

You're frustrated because you can't even do "normal" everyday things without anxiety getting to you...

You know you're capable of so much, but due to anxiety you have a feeling you're wasting your life and your talents...

You never feel present in your life, you're always worrying...

If you can relate to ANY of the above, you are in the right place.

I was exactly where you are now.

My full time job used to be thinking about my symptoms!

Checking my symptoms, talking about my symptoms, obsessing, analyzing, and of course, putting my trust in Google, which never ended well for me.

I know how it takes over your entire life.

I’d be having a conversation with someone, yet be completely zoned out as I knew there was a symptom I was worrying about that I was going to be Googling right afterwards.

My stomach would be in a knot, my chest would feel tight and I would feel physically ill waiting for my “fate to load.”

I used to wish there was a place I could look up my symptoms without feeling even more anxious than I already did.

And so, this book was born!

I want this book to be your new Google, without all the horror that Google brings with it.

You deserve to look up a symptom and learn about your anxiety without feeling completely freaked out.

Because, let’s be honest...

Anxiety causes physical, mental and emotional symptoms that aren’t always easy to come across online, especially the stranger ones that may make no sense.

If there is something you want to look up, you will find it here.

And instead of telling you that you are dying from a terminal disease, I will explain how your anxiety may be relating to what you are currently experiencing.

Not only will you find every symptom you can think of (yes, the really, really strange ones too!)...

This is an A to Z reference book listing anything and everything that has to do with anxiety, including foods, hormones, supplements, ways to manage your anxiety, validation for how you're feeling, and everything in between!

I am so excited for you to get your hands on this book. I have poured my heart and soul into it as I relived my worst days to hopefully bring you some peace as you may be going through yours right now.

I made it out and so will you.

I am so excited for your future, it looks bright to me.

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You're never alone here, we're in this together,



100'S of sections!

Here’s a teeny tiny sneak peek of some of the sections that will be in your ebook:

Anxiety Attacks


Bladder issues

Blood pressure

Blurry Vision

Chest pain/Chest pressure

Death anxiety


Derealization and depersonalization

Ear/hearing issues

Facial anxiety symptoms

Food/Food sensitivities

Generalized anxiety

Health anxiety

High-functioning anxiety

Heart palpitations

Intrusive thoughts




Muscle issues

Morning & bedtime rituals



Panic attacks

Relationship anxiety

Sleep issues


Stomach issues

Teen anxiety


Vision problems

Vitamins for anxiety

Weight loss/gain from anxiety

... and SO.MUCH.MORE!

This is not just a generalized encyclopedia - it is packed with my real life experiences I know you will relate to, along with my personalized guidance!

Covers a huge range of anxiety-relate topics, symptoms, disorders, and more!

Full of up to date practical strategies and actionable advice and tips you can use right away to help calm your anxiety!

Written in an easy to understand, jargon-free style, ideal for all ages from teen and up!

They love it and you will too!

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"This book has been my absolute go-to book especially in the midst of panic. Instead of relying on Google I instead go to this book for instant reassurance that the way I’m feeling is completely normal when it comes to anxiety. It is the anxiety symptom Bible! Highly recommend" - Jo x

"I have purchased both books! Anxiety A to Z has given me a different outlook in my anxiety. My anxiety terrifies me, some days it is debilitating. Having something to reference back to, knowing that another person has gone through or had the symptom I’m feeling is relieving. I have a ways to go before I no longer allow my anxiety to control me but I am so THANKFUL that I bought this book. Both books actually. " - Barb

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"I have read both books and i can say that it definitely wasnt money wasted. I have suffered from panic disorder for so many years and always thought something was wrong with me. Not until reading this book did i realize that the physical symptoms i feel is due to my disorder. I use the tools i learn in this book to handle my panic attacks and also if i feel a new symptom i refer to the book instead of scaring myself on google. " - Erica

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"This book is amazing. You are the first person who has ever had all of the same odd symptoms that I experience.I’ve always had a difficult time explaining how my anxiety makes me feel. I always feel as though I could have written your posts myself. I feel seen and a lot less crazy:) " - Sandra

"I used to anxiously search anxiety-related symptoms on google all of the time, which would only make my symptoms feel worse and send me into a panic. Tamryn’s book leaves me feeling more at ease, and motivates me to move forward improving my symptoms. It’s SO nice to know you’re not alone, and this book does just that. This will be a forever reference kept in my back pocket." - Anna Schmeltz

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"This book is the Google for health anxiety. I had to stop going to Google for all my symptoms. This book helps me understand my anxiety symptoms and gives me peace of mind that my symptoms are real and normal and that others experience the same thing too. " - Nat

"It’s just incredible when you realize that all these symptoms are related to anxiety. I’ve been struggling for 5 years now and going through a bad spell now it has been helpful. I have both your books and they have given me some relief to know I’m not alone and that my symptoms are “normal"." - Deb

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"I bought this book because I experience all sorts of strange symptoms with my anxiety and when I Google them I end up terrified! Google always tells you the worst things are happening to you when I reality it’s likely my anxiety causing the symptoms. The book covers everything I've thought of so far!" - Jules

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"I have struggled with anxiety my whole life, although it has gotten increasingly worse as I go through college. My symptoms are so physical and can create such a false reality that something is constantly wrong w me! this book allows me to not web md diagnose myself and really understand what’s going on with putting a name to it. I can’t wait for my second book to come in the mail!" - Mallery Davie

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"I was googling my symptoms and found an image that took me to Tamryn's instagram page. Here I found some realness. And relief. Real relief. I knew that my symptoms were anxiety based but I couldn't bring myself to accept that it was just that. Health anxiety is real and it's debilitating. I spent the evening looking through her posts and reels and found a real connection. The Anxiety A to Z book is about bringing the symptoms to the forefront and removes the stigma that you feel with mental illness. Having something that you can refer to helps to manage the panic and soothe the nervous system. It has helped tremendously with my recovery and although I do suffer symptoms, the realness of them is more swift and I don't react to them like I used to. Having some subtle holistic remedies throughout the book is great as it's not "in your face" and more about introducing them as part of your life to assist you in managing anxiety and managing your life." - Julie Sampson

If you can say YES to any of this, this book is for you...

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You want instant reassurance and relief that comes with knowing you're completely normal, no matter how scary and odd symptoms your symptoms are!

You want to understand what's going on when you're experiencing your symptoms and want to know what you can DO for it

You want to have a different outlook on your anxiety and know that you can get through it

You want something helpful to refer back to that won't make you panic even more and self-diagnose yourself with every illness imaginable (*ahem* Google)

You desperately want to know that you will LIVE again, and that anxiety won't take over your life

You want to learn it all from someone who undestands, and has been in your shoes many times before!


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Your COMPLETE Anxiety Encyclopedia

For Only $33

There is NO other eBook like this!

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