The two BEST ebooks to help you move beyond obsessive daily health anxiety fears...

Get The Health Anxiety Bundle!

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Included in your bundle: "Anxiety A to Z" Encyclopedia and "Health Anxiety Is Ruining My Life"...

This bundle is for you if:

You are physically and emotionally tired of dealing with anxiety symptoms everyday!

You are always thinking you have a serious disease, or illness and the thoughts interfere with your daily life!

You are absolutely fed up of feeling like you are in the grip of health anxiety and see no way out!

You are ready to see a new way forward, and WANT to live a life free from the hold health anxiety has over you!

Here are a few stories of people who have found comfort and relief in the pages of these ebooks...

"Buy it. Just buy it. It will save a LOT of confusion and fear both in Googling things and in learning of physical anxiety symptoms you didn't know existed, many that you deal with daily. Not only does Tamryn tell you the cause of these symptoms, she offers advice on what your body is doing to cause them and how to help alleviate or accept the symptoms." - Katie

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"Tamryn, thank you so much for creating this book. I have suffered from health anxiety as long as I can remember and I started suffering from panic attacks intermittently about 5 years ago when I started college. When I found your book, I was at my lowest thinking I would never live a normal life free from strange symptoms I feared were so abnormal that no one else could relate to me. This book has eased so much stress from my life and given me such helpful tools to manage my anxiety. " - Breanna

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"I have read both books and i can say that it definitely wasnt money wasted. I have suffered from panic disorder for so many years and always thought something was wrong with me. Not until reading this book did i realize that the physical symptoms i feel is due to my disorder. I use the tools i learn in this book to handle my panic attacks and also if i feel a new symptom i refer to the book instead of scaring myself on google. " - Erica

"I used to anxiously search anxiety-related symptoms on google all of the time, which would only make my symptoms feel worse and send me into a panic. Tamryn’s book leaves me feeling more at ease, and motivates me to move forward improving my symptoms. It’s SO nice to know you’re not alone, and this book does just that. This will be a forever reference kept in my back pocket." - Anna Schmeltz

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Included in your bundle: "Anxiety A to Z" Encyclopedia and "Held Hostage By Health Anxiety"...

What is "Anxiety A to Z" about?

Your new daily anxiety companion with 100+ sections guiding you through symptom management, nutrition, self-care, healing modalities, and more. Treat yourself gently, take things one step at a time, and allow this book to support you and once and for all keep you off the dreaded cycle of Googling!

What is "Health Anxiety Is Ruining My Life" about?

In this book, Tamryn exposes her raw struggles with health anxiety. Through her stories of obsessive fear and spiraling, you will see she's been where you are now. You'll also get the proven strategies that led her out of the darkness. Not just to survive, but to truly start living again!

Both eBooks and will be delivered to the email address you provide immediately upon purchase! You can read the eBooks on your smartphone, Kindle, iPad, e-Reader, or even your computer.



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