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"help! why am i so anxious?!"

Understanding The New Rules Of Healing Anxiety, Holistically

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A personal note from Tamryn, author, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and anxiety warrior...

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I know what it feels like to be at the lowest of the low, feeling like anxiety will cripple you forever, with no hope in sight.

Right now, you're likely at the exact spot I was just a few years ago. A place where you feel like anxiety has completely taken over your life, no matter what you've tried up until this point to feel better.

That is the reason I wrote this book -- it's the book I wish I had to refer back to when I was at my worst. It's the kind of book you will read and think to yourself, "That sounds just like me."

I poured my heart and soul into this book because I know how it feels to have loved ones around you, but still feel crippled by anxiety.

It's very much an internal battle you carry around, sometimes putting on a brave face so that you don't feel guilty for putting others through your own struggle.

I wrote this book because I don't want you to feel that way anymore.

You shouldn't have to put on a brave face and struggle through your days. You deserve so much more.

With the help of this book, I hope you will feel a little spark, a little glimmer of hope, and like you have a real plan to move forward in your journey, finally.

Everything in the book is based off of my own experience. What's worked for me, and what hasn't. You'll hear it all, good and bad.

The good news is...

Even though I based this book off of my own journey to healing, the principles in the book can be applied to your own life; no matter how many different things you've tried up until now!

With so much information out there on how to "get rid" of anxiety, you likely feel super overwhelmed and not even sure where to begin.

That's why instead of giving you just another list of tips and tricks that may help push your anxiety under the rug for a while, I'll share with you the longer-term lifestyle changes that will help you now and in your future.


Are you absolutely sick of dealing with anxiety symptoms everyday?

​Are you confused as to why your symptoms are even happening?

Are you always thinking you have a serious disease, or illness?

​​Are you on the verge of going on meds to find some kind of relief?

Are you convinced that you are doomed to be anxious the rest of your life because it "runs in the family"?

I once thought all that too, but now I'm on the other side of it, and you can be too...

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You must first start by understanding what anxiety is, and why it manifests.

I wish someone had told me then what I know now so I could have avoided a whole lot of inner turmoil. Getting to know your body on a deeper level may seem incredibly intimidating, but your body is with you for your entire life so isn’t it time you became friends? I have written this book that will explain why your symptoms happen, as well as show you the very real link between your nutrition and your symptoms because it’s not all in your head!



Reveals why anxiety is not something you just have to "live with" & the moment everything turned around for me.


Goes into why anxiety is different for us all, why it doesn't discriminate, and why you're not "weak" despite what you may think!


Delves into health anxiety, and the reason why symptoms happen in the first place and a new way to think about them.


Gives you the first step you can take right now on your healing journey.


Explores the role nutrition has on your gut and digestion and exactly how that affects your anxiety.


Goes into detail about the must-have supplements, powders, and tinctures to help with anxiety.


Gives you the everyday habits that can help set you on the right path to living a healthy lifestyle, one which you feel in control of anxiety.

chapter 8 (bonus - not in ebook)

14 of my every day, nutritious yet delicious recipes you'll have fun whipping up in the kitchen!

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"Tamryn’s book was extremely eye opening. I’ve been struggling with anxiety on and off for my entire adult life and until coming across Tamryn’s instagram account, I had no idea that nutrition had anything to do with anxiety. I am SO glad I found this book. I can feel it helping me heal already and I know I will be reading it many times. I’m excited for the changes I’m about to make and where my healing journey will take me. I never would have known what to do next if I hadn’t found this book!"



"I loved this book! Super relatable and helpful. Honestly, as a 27 year old who never dealt with anxiety until my recent years, I sometimes feel embarrassed because I'm fearful of common things and situations. This book made me feel relatable and heard. The suggestions given in this book and real and raw, and that's what makes it so amazing."


"I am so grateful to have found this book. I have never felt so deeply understood and comforted. In the first few chapters it felt like she was literally reading my mind. I finished it in less than 24 hours. As someone who struggles with health anxiety, generalized anxiety, and panic attacks, I also found the information in this book to be very informative and provide a perspective I had never be introduced to. I am going to try to implement these strategies in conjunction with therapy and see what sort of progress I can make. I’ve already used some of the strategies and have seen improvement in acute anxiety symptoms. Thank you so much for this book. "


"I found you and the book at the right time. I am an anxious person, so I try to find and implement as many tips as I can. Your book was honest, long enough and very practical. It was/is something i caneasily relate to and I imediately started following your tips (about the way I eat, trying to stop the sugar and white flour intake). I deffinitely became more aware about what i do (eat mostly) and I am very thankful for it. I follow you on instagram and i find you inspiring :) thank you! <3 Sending love from Macedonia! "


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"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It's not the kind of book you read just once, it's the kind of book that I plan to use as reference whenever I feel symptoms or one that I can refer a friend who's experiencing anxiety. I find it really relatable and flexible and I can I incorporate the nutrition and lifestyle tips in my life seamlessly and add on the things that I already practice. I'm so happy to have come across your Instagram page Tamryn (it helped me deal with my anxiety and panic attacks) and thank you for writing this book and sharing this knowledge it's going to help alot of people."




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